Bill Belichick’s romance with Jordon Hudson shocks election friends

The recent revelation of Bill Belichick’s new 24-year-old beauty queen girlfriend has rocked the Miss USA pageant world.

Jordon Hudson was already a contender for the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants in 2019 and was even still competing until news of her 72-year-old new squeeze — whom she met on a plane in 2021 — became public.

A fellow Miss Mass contestant. Teen USA in 2020 told The Post: “I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend — I heard from people she’s been dating all over the place.

Bill Belichick smiles in a selfie with girlfriend Jordon Hudson during their first meeting on a flight from Boston to Florida.
Hudson is a former cheerleader and studied philosophy at Bridgewater State University. X/@jordon_isabella

“I’m so curious how this happened. He’s old enough to be her grandfather!

“She’s not shy; wanting to be in the spotlight is one thing, but dating someone in their 70s is another thing entirely. I didn’t know she would go so far as to do that for fame.”

Hudson – first runner-up for Miss Maine 2024 and also 3rd runner-up in Miss Mass. Teen in 2020 – also made quite an entrance at Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame induction on June 12, when she showed up in a white Porsche that was said to be a gift from Belichick, according to sources.

Several of her friends in the beauty pageant world said Hudson was not typical of the type of girls who usually compete.

Bill Belichick’s new girlfriend Jordon Hudson, 24, raved about a trip she took last year to Costa Rica, where she went on a diving trip with friends Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

“She’s not a pageant girl,” said another fellow competitor who did not want her name used.

“The rule for Miss USA is that you can compete in two states per year. She competed for Maine and was supposed to compete for Alaska (but) she dropped out. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this news coming out.

“I was shocked – not so much by the age (difference), but I don’t know what world Bill Belichick would be in on a commercial plane,” the source noted, before speculating: “I’m guessing they met on a date have met. app, maybe Raya, or a fancy dating app.”

The top five finalists for Miss Maine 2024 included Hudson, second from left. Pageantupdate website

However, Belichick appears to be no stranger to commercial aviation. Last April, days after his 72nd birthday, he was seen at Logan Airport, sitting on a communal bench in the terminal, wearing shorts, sneakers without socks and a vest, working on his Apple laptop.

According to TMZ, he met Hudson on a flight from Boston to Florida, who obtained a photo of their first meeting.

It was said that he was so fascinated by the then-student-athlete’s philosophy project that he signed her textbook “Deductive Logic.”

“Jordon, thank you for giving me a logic course! Safe travels!” Belichick wrote.

Hudson lists herself in an online profile as “philosopher, entrepreneur and “21 NCA Collegiate Champion,” all statements she can endorse.

Hudson grew up in a modest home on Cape Cod, licensed in cosmetology and then studied philosophy at Bridgewater State College, where she was named to the Dean’s list in the spring of 2021. However, she has not yet officially graduated, the school told The Post.

Photos on Hudson’s Facebook also show her celebrating as a member of the Bridgewater State University Cheerleading Club after they won a national championship at the 2021 National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Championship.

Hudson is also CEO of a Boston-based company called Trouble Cub Enterprises, according to her LinkedIn, but it is not clear what type of company it is.

She is also interested in real estate and is listed as owning two homes in the Boston area, according to documents viewed by The Post.

Ring doorbell footage showed Belichick leaving Jordon Hudson’s house early in the morning in November 2023.

One of these, a two-bedroom ranch in Harwich, Massachusetts, sold in 2023 for $610,000. Another, a 15-bedroom three-family in Roxbury Crossing, went for $3 million, but Hudson is not believed to live in either.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Ring camera footage, which first surfaced last year, of a shirtless man leaving a home was eight-time Super Bowl winner Belichick leaving the Massachusetts residence where Hudson lives, the Daily Mail reported .

The couple was spotted in a more glamorous setting on Wednesday, going out on the former NFL coach’s boat around Nantucket.

Hudson, who did not respond to The Post’s call for comment, also accompanied friends of Belichick’s former star player Tom Brady and his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen on a diving trip in Costa Rica last year.

Belichick is one of the winningest coaches in NFL history. Here he celebrates winning the AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2018. Getty Images

It seems the budding philosopher kept her ties to the rich and famous quiet during her Central American vacation.

“She seemed like a nice young child,” said a spokesperson for the Luminous Heart Institute, a yoga and wellness retreat in Costa Rica that Bundchen still attends. “She ended up on our boat somehow.”

One of the Miss USA sources said Hudson is “outgoing and easy to talk to” and “would definitely go up to a guy in a bar and say hello – she wouldn’t be afraid to do it.”

Jordon Hudson’s Instagram account is full of photos of her on outdoor adventures and at beauty pageants. Jordan Hudson/Instagram

Her union with one of the most prominent men in the NFL has certainly set tongues wagging among her peers – especially the 48-year age difference between them.

“Compared to her, my friends and I, we all have normal dating lives with guys our age,” the source added.

“Guys we met in college. Someone told me that her dating life wasn’t exactly average. I’m certainly curious about this. I immediately went to my group chat… She never mentioned one thing.

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